it all starts with...


Pasquale knows that quality ingredients and simple preparations are the best way to show the true authentic Italian cuisine.  Because his name is proudly on the door, he has carefully selected the best ingredients from Italy and America for Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria.    

It might cost us a bit more, but we believe that you're worth it.


High Gluten Pizza Flour

We are proud to serve the highest quality of flour for our amazing pizza.


San Marzano Canned Tomatoes

Our pizza sauce starts with the finest San Marzano tomatoes.   These peeled plum tomatoes are recognized the world over for the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.   We tested and tasted numerous labels before choosing the best one for our pizza.    We think you'll taste the difference.



Cheese is one of the biggest expenses for pizza makers.   Most places solve this problem by using cheaper, lower quality mozzarella.   Pasquale goes against the grain by sourcing what many regard as the finest domestic mozzarella available for pizza making from the Grande Cheese Company.

Grande Mozzarella has a rich, tender, buttery flavor, which is what makes it the first choice for every classic Italian pizza recipe. 


Prosciutto di Parma

Making Prosciutto in the traditional manner requires knowledge, perfectionism, and considerable patience.   To guarantee all these qualities go into our Prosciutto, Pasquale uses a Prosciutto di Parma that is certified authentic and guaranteed 100% natural. No conservatives or artificial fermentation. Just pure quality.


Ciliegini Tomatoes

The fresh tomatoes we serve come from seeds brought from Italy by Pasquale's father.   Smaller than their American sisters, they are grown locally and organically.   Whether picked and served fresh or vine cured in the traditional Barese manner, we know you'll taste the difference.



Salsiccia Barese

Growing up in Bari, Italy Pasquale fondly remembers the smell of the region's signature sausage spilling out of every kitchen window in his neighborhood.   Our Salsiccia is made locally from a secret recipe handed down for three generations.




Monks in a monastery in the hills near the capital of Emilia created this specialty in the 16th century.  Our Mortadella comes from the Emilia-Romagna region, close to Bologna. It’s made from pork of the highest quality.


Calabrese SALAMI

Flattened, slightly spicy salami prepared in the traditional Calabrese-style is coarsely ground, with red peppers and other spices. As the Calabrese tradition dictates, this specialty meat contains only the choicest cuts of premium pork, and is pressed and flattened into its characteristic shape during the dry-curing process.   Just a little hot, but oh so good.  The true Italian Pepperoni.




Parmigiano Reggiano, the king of the Italian cheeses, is now a household name.  The cheese has a unique fruity, nutty flavor that some believe is due to the rare grass and hay that the Reggiana cows eat.   We use Reggiano as an eating cheese and as a finishing cheese.   We typically use the little brother Parmagiano Grana for cooking.


Seasonal Ingredients

Pasquale believes in the old traditional way of listening to mother nature when planning our menu.   Be on the lookout for seasonal ingredients that enter and exit the stage based on the rhythms of the seasons.